Manage your customer relationship and increase their satisfaction

You and your team will be aware of the status of your client base. Do not waste time on traditional agendas. Your information will be in one save place, the cloud. Improve your sale process and make your business grow

Access your updated database from anywhere at any time. Assign tasks to your team regarding your clients. Easy access to information y simple processes all in one place

Total visibility of your opportunities with easy to use sales funnel. Personalized your sales process according to the need of your organization

Want to improve your sales process and close more deals?

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Manage your contacts and clients in one place

Improve your sales process, your relationship with your clients and close more deals

Organize your agenda base on the meetings and calls with clients. Never forget and appoint or follow up

You will be aware of the status of each negotiation, in what of the funnel they are and he is charge of it. Easy and visual to manage your clients and deals

At all times you will see the how negotiations are moving forward. This you will see from your own negotiations and your teams. All the information at a glance

  • billage tasks
  • billage tasks
  • billage tasks

Acquire more clients and increase their satisfaction. Total control of your sales funnel and commercial process. Be more productive and acquire more clients

When you business is growing an excel sheet or random papers are not enough to see all the details of each deal. Organize and classify all your customers to save time and increase your productivity

Keep a close record of your clients in order to offer them new services or products. Include new leads and contacts that could be clients in the future

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Take the next step and professionalize your business with a management and invoicing tool that is easy to use. Track you expenses and income, so you do not forget anything. Save time and headaches

Assign tasks to your team members and keep under control all the processes of your business. No more unnecessary calls and emails. All the tasks of your team organize in one place, manage effectively


Use billage with your favorite applications

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Manage your business

with a single tool

On-line CRM

Data from contacts, positions, accounts, phone numbers, opportunities, actions, campaigns, agendas and reminders. Know your clients.

Tasks and Projects

Assign tasks to your team. Track tasks and projects. Always on time and do not do not forget anything. Always up to date.

Billing programme

An easy to manage software to create invoices, orders, estimates and delivery notes. Easy accounting accessible from iPad and iPhone.

IBM and billage

100% IBM Technology, your data are safe, Secure Communications using SSL Protocol (the same as banks) and information backups every 2 hours.

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