Easy management of tasks and projects

linked to clients and invoices

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Project management

Kanban task management

Organize your tasks in Kanbans, be clear on how they advance and their profitability

Automatic billing

As you are recording the hours you'll be able to invoice them depending on the rate of each team member 

Time tracking

Your team will be able to track the time used in each task and project from their PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. 


Records the actual time spent on each task. It is as easy as clicking the PLAY button. Billage will be able to record the time spent depending on the rate assigned to each team member 

Know the profitability in every project

Billage automatically calculates the benefit of your projects taking into account the invoices you have sent to your customers and the cost of the dedicated hours and related expenses

Personalized Rates

Automatically invoice the hours dedicated to each task taking into account the rate assigned to each member of your team. Billage also takes into account the cost of each dedicated hour

Record the expenses of your team

The expenses of your team controlled. Controls in real time the expenses related to each project and task such as travel, subsistence or subcontracting

Conect billage

Connect billage with your favorite applications

We know what you need, that's why billage integrates perfectly with the tools you already use so you can achieve better results.

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  • Do more things in less time
  • Absolute control of what happens in your business
  • Automate invoices and processes
  • Everything organized in one place
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Manage your business

With a single tool

On-line CRM

Data from contacts, positions, accounts, phone numbers, opportunities, actions, campaigns, agendas and reminders. Know your clients.

Tasks and Projects

Assign tasks to your team. Track tasks and projects. Always on time and do not do not forget anything. Always up to date.

Billing programme

An easy to manage software to create invoices, orders, estimates and delivery notes. Easy accounting accessible from iPad and iPhone.