20 €

per month + V.A.T
(quarterly payment)

220 €

single payment per year + V.A.T
(18,5€ monthly)

1 user

Free trial
  • Disk space: 1GB
  • Basic analysis dashboard
  • Unlimited access to Commercial, Projects and Billing modules
  • Support from Monday to Friday


35 €

per month + V.A.T
(quarterly payment)

385 €

single payment per year + V.A.T.
(32€ monthly)

From 2 users *

Free trial
  • Disk space: 3GB
  • Customizable analysis panel
  • Unlimited access to Commercial, Projects and Billing modules
  • Support from Monday to Friday


75 €

per month + V.A.T
(quarterly payment)

825 €

single payment per year + V.A.T.
(68,75€ monthly)

From 5 users *

Free trial
  • Disk space: 7GB *
  • Customizable analysis panel
  • Unlimited access to Commercial, Projects and Billing modules
  • Support from Monday to Sunday
* Expandable: Each additional user has a supplement of 20€ per month. To expand disk space please contact

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All plans include:
  • Financial advisor access
  • Invoices, Opportunities and unlimited Projects
  • Support: E-mail and phone
  • Billing and administrative management
  • CRM: opportunities and campaigns
  • Project management
  • Documents and contracts
  • Cooperation
  • Analysis and warning dashboard
  • Daily backup

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is billage?

Billage is the simplest all-in-one cloud solution for business management. It includes a CRM system, Project Management and Invoicing in a single platform. No other tools are needed if you have billage, as all your company management needs and its whole sales cycle, with extensive analyses and metrics, will be available straight into your computer or mobile device.

With Billage, you may manage your business in an easy, flexible and efficient way, from a single place and with a single fee.

May I have a demo before I subscribe?

Of course! And we would love you to do that, as this would enable us to tell you firsthand and in a much better way all the things that you will be able to do with billage, and how the day-to-day management of your business will improve.

Use this link to ask for a demo. Or else e-mail us at and we will get going.

May I switch plans?

Whenever you want. Your business is alive and constantly changing, and so will billage, along with your needs. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan because you have taken on new members, just tell us and we will adjust your plan to your new situation.

How do I pay?

Billage may be paid every 3 months or else in 1-year periods, as you choose. On the due date, a payment request will be issued directly to the bank account you provided (bank transfer may also be chosen). Payment will be done automatically.

Is training included?

When subscribing to billage, we give you initial training to get started with the tool and get it going. This is included in the usual fee.

If additional training is necessary, individual circumstances will be considered.

Who is billage for?

Billage is intended, devoted and designed for entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, self-employed professionals, small companies and small-medium enterprises that need to organize their day-to-day business needs, make the most of every minute and get more time to devote to those tasks value-added tasks they really excel in.

Designers, creative professionals, marketing agencies, lawyers, architects, engineers, computer experts, consultants and a long list of professionals who need to tackle an extremely long "to-do" list and need real-time, comprehensive control of their business just one click away.

Are my data safe?

Always! Safety is one of our priorities, and we know that your business is one of your greatest treasures to you, so we perform daily backup copies and our servers are located in more-than-safe places.

How long does the contract last?

You may unsubscribe anytime, you just need to warn us 45 days in advance.

How many languages does billage provide?

Billage is currently working in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. All features are available in the three languages in all versions: desktop and cell phone.

Is support included?

Yes, you may contact us on work days from 9 to 18h at the following phone number: 93 247 99 59, or else use the chat inside the billage application. If you subscribe to a Pro plan, support will also be available at weekends (9-18h).

Support needs stemming from any incidence regarding the application itself are included in the price, but support due to specific needs (custom-made template for offers or invoices, or new graphs or lists) will be charged for as a supplement. Such supplementary costs will always be notified in advanced once the request for additional support is received.

+12,500 SMEs and freelances rely on billage

Jesús Blanco

Jesús Blanco

CEO from Estati marketing agency

"We have decided to use billage because it integrates all the tools need to manage a business like invoicing and tasks. Plus is very easy to use, offers a good support and a committed development team."

Raquel Cánovas

Raquel Cánovas

Entrepreneur, Creative and Designer at Creativadecabecera

"Billage is the solution with which I manage my business. We wanted a tool to fully control our business from projects, tasks to commercial action. I wanted this solution to help me also make life easier from the administrative side, generate budgets, invoices and control payments."

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