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These are some of the testimonials from our valued customers

Luz Adell Project responsible and administration at Big Ban angels
billage is a cloud solution, easy to use and with a design that we love. Besides, the tool is inexpensive. We are a non-profit association and needed effective solutions that fit out little budget.
Karlos Tomás CEO Butipà
With billage we centralize the information of the company to the cloud and we can access to it remotely from anywhere and from any device.
Jorge Vera Morales Founder Partner at MOVAL Agroingenieria
It has been a total success to bet for billage at our company of agricultural engineering services. We needed a powerful management tool, simple and intuitive that allowed us to assign timings and expenses to tasks of multiple projects simultaneously, which perfectly meets. An invaluable aid due to its simplicity for the administrative management of bills, clients, oportunities, etc. We are very happy, especially for the quickness and atention of the technical service, which is very attentive to any doubt, suggestion or improval. I warmly congratulate the billage team.
Carlos Váquez Director at Assistoffice
We were looking for a tool for our clients that could complement our applications and our fiscal and accounting management processes. To us, billage is way ahead of the majority of ERP and cloud applications that exist, which encouraged us to create Assistoffice Gestoría Online.
Maria-Christina Rus CEO at Coworking ON International
Thanks to billage, we have a perfect tool to perform the exact tracing of all of our bills, both for providers and clients. Besides, their analysis tool makes the job easy when performing profitability calculs.
Eduard Molins Tomás Business developing at Aldextra
We needed a CRM tool that allowed us performing commercial tracking and could relate contracts with the clients at the same time. What's more, to be able to control the projects expenses we also required a project manager. With billage we have it all!
Estela Cacho Director at Canals i Associats
billage has what I was looking for. I required a cloud tool very easy to use and agile, that allowed me to perform periodic bills and expenses. Besides, the technical support is excelent and they are in constant evolution.
Eva Gabarrós Partner of Objectiu Comunicació
We needed a tool that could help us in the managing of our day to day, from the billing to the project planning and CRM. billage has helped us a lot since it is very simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it is an alive project, since the team of billage is always keeping an eye on our needs to apply them to the program.
Mónica Moreno CEO at (Agencia de Marketing)
billage helps us manage our offers and bills in an easy and intuitive way. Further of being a tool for working at the cloud and being a spanish company, they are always looking for their clients feedback to improve.
Irene Rodríguez Programadora Freelance
Soy Analista/programadora freelance y trabajo en diferentes proyectos para distintas empresas. Necesitaba una herramienta que me ayudase a gestionar los gastos, las facturas, los impuestos…soy feliz.
Jaume Pla CEO Neomoda
billage has changed the way we manage our commercial process and project tracking. Before we did all the tracking and control by means of our ofimatic tools and now we can do it in an integrated way, in the cloud and with customized reports. It's awesome!
Pedro Arias Commercial Director at Asia es fácil
In the importing sector, it is fundamental to remember the technical details of the order. At Asia es fácil, recently, we have increased the customer base and billage helps us control this resource. The fact that it is an online system allows, from any device, the commercial to see the history of any client online.
Rosa Pujol Technical translation services
I am a freelance and I was looking for a tool for managing the administrative part in clear terms without the need of great knowledge of management and connected to a management agency. Finding billage was fantastic: I can generate bills easily and send them from its platform, the interface is very complete and neat, and personal attention is impeccable.
Pere Queirós Queirós Decorative Applications
billage is the tool we where looking for to manage the administrative part of our business. In addition to providing us the project tracking and the organization of jobs, we no longer have to worry neither for the maintenance nor the backups. It is remarkable the easiness of its usability and the great technical support behind it.
Pedro Romón Fernández ®Turismoyapps – - CEO
With billage we manage the commercial tracking of our potential clients. The capability of registering new commercial profiles and the power of performing tracking of their actions gives us control over their sells. The calendar is very practical to carry out the actions every day and that clients are properly taken care of.
Ricard Puigbò CEO of Sailing Technologies
Our startup needed an agile system and intuitive to manage the administration and tracking of clients and providers, and also that fit our limited means. In billage we have found an ideal partner. We want to highlight its personalized assistance and inversion in new utilities that demand their clients.
Alex Batalla Logistic and operations at Best Beverage, S.L.
The ability of working from anywhere of the world is a huge advantage. Cloud based data and the lack of chance of losing anything is awesome.
Xavier Reposo CEO at ARS
billage is perfeclty suited to the business model of my company, in which I need billing services, products, annual renewals and IT maintenance fees. An other differential element to me is its capacity of innovation and constant developement of new functionalities of great value.
Miriam Pino CEO at Cambiam
Our company is distinguished for being dynamic and online, meaning that our management tool must offer this dynamism we need. For this billage provides us everything we need and, most important, guarantees movility.
Carlos Trujillo Yerga Partner of KINDWIFI - El WiFi Social
Largely fulfilled our needs such as automatic periodic billing, being in the cloud or easy to use, among others. It fit perfectly to our limited budget, being us a young company.
Fernando Hermosilla CEO at SIMO
Being an easy to use application, it allows us to take a perfect control over our expenses and the billing of each one of our projects we carry out. Compared to other applications in the market, it is way more intuitive at a lower price. Besides, contacting the technical service is as simple as picking up the phone, no waiting.
Alejandro Ortega CEO en LMEG
billage fulfills the need of having a CRM where all of us can report. I am really into their project manager.
Juan Pedro Peña ICT Specialist lawyer at PrivaZ
We needed a software for the management of legal services we provide, from hiring to the task manager of our clients, passing through orders, bills and documents. Other programs we tried before, or were good but out of our budget or were inexpensive but were not valid. billage fulfills all of our requirements we demand.
Marian Artés de Arcos General Manager at Oyambre
Thanks to billage we can perform the billing of our online shop in an automated way and we can send the bills to our clients with just one click. On the other hand, billage has solved the great problem of stock control. Now we just have to update the inventory!
José B. Moreno Suárez Responsible of Search Marketing, Web Analytics and CRO at QDQ MEDIA/TRAZADA
billage facilitates the administrative task, the commercial tracking and project control.
Efren Guerrero Efren Guerrero
With billage I save a lot of money. It has very simple interface, pretty intuitive and it allows us to export everything to Excel, which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, it is so inexpensive that turns billage to me to be the best billing support that I have ever had.
Laura De Toro Manager at Nexes més que pilates
We like Billage because it is an integrated cloud solution. Therefore we can access whenever and wherever we want. Besides, it is a very easy to use tool.
Maria del Mar Romero General Manager at Indoor Climat Management SL
Billage works for us as for the intern management and as CRM. We're also really into the solution of stock control it offers
Pierr Gobin Chief Account Manager at Nov25Studio
Billage is a versatile and ergonomic tool that we chose at the begining to perform both horizontal and vertical management of our audiovisual studio's activity. Relate commercial actions, projects and billing was a basic requirement and the evolution of the platform gives us more freedom every time. The business analysis dashboard also helps to have a wide vision of activitiy's situation.
Luis Ruiz Marketing Manager at ATP
Friendly and simple use, designed for micro-enterprises with national development and export. Well CRM management, and a very interesting ERP for the management of sales and purchases. Great online support, proactive team.
Victoria Tauste Higueras Manager at Interdomicilio Vallès Orienta
We really like the quickness Billage gives us when billing. Also, the comfort of having an accounting tracking with our tax advisor
Kristel Manager in Soft Optimiza
Billage is a young and innovative team that is improving day after day. You are doing a good job.
Luis Santos CEO in Line Servi

The customer service of Billage is very good. The CRM is clear and easy to use.

Eva Solagro Ingenieros

billage is simple to handle and adapts to our needs as a company

Jose Garcia Partner in Handtrade by FG

We have chosen billage because is cloud based tool, the application is in Spanish and the service is very good

Álvaro José Torres Salvador CEO in Formacion para Emprendedores

Billage is a complete tool at a price affordable for entrepreneurs that will like to save some money. The fact that billage is so easy to use it helped me make the decision to subscribe to it

Rafael Sierra
billage combines CRM and billing in the same program. Being able to work in the cloud brings many benefits
Jesús Blanco
We have decided to use billage because it integrates all the tools need to manage a business like invoicing and tasks. Plus is very easy to use, offers a good support and a committed development team.
Marta Saavedra Casademon Social Media Strategist at fit&feel
We have contracted billage in our communication agency to better organize our projects and our team. Also, we want to optimize our times with the help of time tracking
Jose Casero Manager at Doblemitad
We contracted billage because it is a complete tool and easy to use. Plus, it fits all our management needs
Renata Moitinho Founder of RM Business & Finance
The CRM and the sales funnel are intuitive and functional. The customer service always responds very quickly to our doubts and questions. In addition, they are always developing new solutions and functionalities
Kristina Pacheco Founder at Kristina Pacheco Online Marketing Agency
Thanks to billage I have CRM and invoicing in one platform, is fantastic!. Having everything in one platform helps you have a more global vision. It is also easy, fast and intuitive, which is appreciated
Javier García Sendra Commercial Director at Identifica-t
Unify, in the same system, sales, billing and administrative processes of our company. Reduce management times by improving billing and opportunity management procedures
Francisco Marrades Otero Manage at Tecnoriber sl
I was tired of using cloud-less intuitive programs and with billage I saw the light
José Luis Villaluenga Managing Partner at Rentabilidad Veterinaria
I needed an online solution that would allow me to manage the entire life cycle of my clients
Raquel Cánovas Entrepreneur, Creative and Designer at Creativadecabecera
Billage is the solution with which I manage my business. We wanted a tool to fully control our business from projects, tasks to commercial action. I wanted this solution to help me also make life easier from the administrative side, generate budgets, invoices and control payments
Rodrigo Account Manager at
With billage we have managed to unify the follow-up of our clients both in budgets and in what happens in billing. It's a really powerful tool that brings together all the concepts for a service company like ours. Analyzes and reports are a great help in getting the results fast
Jose Pascual López Gómez CEO at PascuCar
Billage helps me with the billing of my company to optimize my time and be more productive
Paloma Administrator at Grupo CAR-MAR S.L
Using billage is very comfortable. Whenever we have any questions or problem the billage team always help us. Thanks to billage we have been able to devote less time to manual tasks and more time to our economic activity
Jesús Hernán
We have been convinced by the ease of use and the centralized management of the commercial and billing area.
Juan José Ruiz Hernández

We had the need to integrate our CRM with project management and billing. Thanks to billage we have achieved it and also at a great price

Cristóbal Carrasco López

What I value most about billage is the ease of use when it comes to managing my business from a single tool. Also, being able to have permanent support gives me a lot of peace of mind

Belén Merino
We wanted to minimize the manual processes of our company and, on the other hand, we wanted a system that allowed us to share information internally to reduce the use of emails